The End of the World As We Know It!

The end is coming.  In case you have been living under a rock the past six months, you know it is about to happen any day now.  The nightly news prognosticators are declaring the end.  Politicos of all stripes are declaring the end.  Leaders of the international community have declared the end.  This is it folks, prepare yourselves for the worst.  We have only a few weeks left.  Stock-up on the essentials; gas, food, water and don’t forget to liquidate all of your stocks and bonds.  What is going to cause the end of the world?  Apparently, if Congress does not increase the nations debt limit, Armageddon will occur.  In fact, the repercussions could be worse than marriage equality (and everyone knows society barely escaped the wrath of God on that one).

The problem with the dept ceiling, everyone is placing the future of our country on whether there will be a deal.  Now, every agrees there will be a deal.  Yet, republicans and democrats alike do not know how to reach a deal.  Both parties have dug in their respective heals and are not budging.  The Republicans are not going to allow new taxes.  Democrats are not going to allow changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  Well Houston, we have a problem.  So what is the solution?  What are our leaders going to do to prevent the downfall of our society.  Apparently, they are going to blame one another, which is typical these days.  There has been rancorous public discourse on issues before, but in the past fifteen years the discourse of our politicians has spiraled downward to a point where no one wants meet halfway.  Compromise is not an option, according to our respected Speaker of the House and Senate Minority Leader.  It is not appropriate to solely blame McConnell and Boehner, but when you have a President, Senate Majority Leader and House Minority Leader who are ready to deal and compromise, it is very tough not to point fingers.

So what will happen when the nation reaches the debt limit?  Honestly, no one knows.  Some have speculated that nothing will happen.  Yet others predict all financial markets will collapse, inflation will sky-rocket and America and the world will be thrust into the worst financial disaster the world had ever seen.  If the debt ceiling is so important to our financial security, why are our leaders playing a game of chicken with one another?  Why are they putting the financial stability of our nation and the world at risk? It is becoming quite apparent to many of the citizens of our country that our leaders are becoming less and less concerned with the nation and more concerned about one upping the other party.  If this is the case, then honestly, the nation deserves what happens.  Thomas Jefferson said it best:  “People get the government they deserve.”   If the nation’s debt ceiling is not increased, and the country sinks into financial collapse, then maybe citizens will become less concerned with what is going on in someone’s bedroom and more concerned with where the government spends its money.


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