A Little Irreverence

I was going through today some of my all time favorite songs on YouTube.  I am not sure about you, but songs for me have immense meaning and bring me inner peace and sometimes help to decrease anxiety and aid in calming me down or help me to express emotion when I feel I can no longer express that emotion.  What follows are some of my more favorite videos or performances from my favorite artists or Broadway shows:

Tina Turner performing We Don’t Need Another Hero.  The movie is only so-so, but song is awesome. I believe it was summer of 1985, heard it all over the radio, couldn’t get away from it.

Bosom Buddies from the musical Mame.  This song has such bite and sarcasm, reminds me of hanging out with some of my best friends.

Wind Beneath My Wings is my all time sentimental favorite.  It came out in 1989, the year my mother died. Every time I hear this song I cry.  But I love it because I feel closer to her whenever I hear it.

You Oughta Know is the classic angry song.  When I am really, really angry I blare this song and scream at the top of my lungs. It’s therapeutic, you should try it sometime.

From angry to calming, Thank You India is really a very zen song and helps bring me down sometimes after a high-strung day.  I think the lyrics are phenomenal and really have a strong message.

I think that’s about all I will post for this section.  I wanted something a little lighter today because yesterday’s topic was a bit heavy.

Have a great day everyone, stay cool, drink lots of fluids and remember:  It doesn’t matter whether you are here or there.  It only matters where you are.


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