The Final Countdown

Well, here we are.  One week to go before it all comes crashing down.  From Teagan Goddards Political Wire,

Economists See Downgrade Coming 

Majority Back Obama on Debt Negotiations  

Public Wants Compromise in Debt Ceiling Debate 

Boehner Plan Faces Uphill Battle in the House 

Last night President Obama and Speaker of the House Boehner held dueling speeches.  Boehner lost the duel. However, our nation and the citizens who elected our leaders will be the ultimate losers.  It is not enough to just complain about Congress, or to place a protest vote.  We must be involved and hold our leaders accountable for their actions.  Yes, that even includes the President.

And even thought Boehner’s plan looks to be a lost cause as it will not pass the House of Representatives, he will not even entertain the President’s plan because it is more important at this time to defeat the President than save the country.

My question is this:  Will our leader’s really allow this nation to default?  If that happens, how do we recover?


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