Her Gift Keeps on Giving

Lucille Ball would be 100 years old today.  She not only was a ground-breaking comedian she was also a ground-breaking television producer.  Many of today’s funny women owe their careers to Ms. Ball and although she has been gone for over 22 years, her presence is still felt whenever someone watches a sit-com on television or SNL or any number of present or past movies or television shows.  She was a comic genius who took the craft of comedy and television to new heights.  We should all be thankful for that.

On a more personal note, I always thought I had a connect to Lucy.  In many ways, she reminded me of my own grandmother.  Both were born in Western New York State.  The both had the same hair style (though my grandmother’s was not red), they both had the same gravelly voice from years of smoking and finally, Ms. Ball died just five days before my mother died in 1989.

Regardless of any of those things, I still love watching I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, and many other of her movies and TV appearances.  So, to celebrate her birthday, go out and see a movie, or watch something funny today.  Do a pratfall or light your plastic nose on fire.  If you are sick, have a little too much NyQuil or stomp on some grapes.  For my friends living in Hollywood, go to a restaurant and stalk your favorite actor. Whatever you do, do it with style and panache.  And don’t forget your red wig.


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