The Queen

I just thought I would take the time tonight and post a few of my favorite Madonna songs.  Just something light and fun to wind down the weekend.

I think this is my favorite Mo video. I love the chorus and the gospel feel of it.

Of course this song revolutionized dance and music altogether.  Some may disagree, but I think it is her best song.

Boy did people think this was risqué when she came out with this video.  My how times have changed.

One of her songs which always brings a tear to my eyes.  I thought she deserved an Oscar for her performance in this film. Despite what many say, she was wonderful and the film had an energy about it which electrified me.

Finally, an oldie but a goodie.  Crazy for you!  How many High School Seniors used this as their Prom song?  The movie, Vision Quest, I have not seen in years, but it was an excellent movie and with a young Matthew Modene, can’t go wrong there.


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