I Need A Hero

There was a time in this country when our President’s knew exactly what to say and do.  There would be a crisis and he would take to the airwaves to reassure the American people our way of life will prevail. We will defeat the enemies of the nation and we will rise again from the ashes of defeat. Time and again, President’s have risen to that occasion. Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Reagan.  But the buck stops there. Since the dawning of the age of the internet and the 24 hour news cycle, and the permanent campaign, we no-longer have leaders who will go to the American people and declare that with the mighty force of the United States we will prevail.  Whether the enemy is foreign or domestic.  Whether it is a military enemy or an economic enemy; our leaders have always been able to reassure this nation that with a little sacrifice and a lot of hard work, we will conquer the enemies at the gate.

“Where have all the good men gone and where are all the Gods?” That’s what I am asking?  Where are the leaders when we need them?  Instead of getting on Television and telling the American people, Congress is working with the President to handle the situation and ask for calm, we get talking points and press conferences and speeches that don’t make any news. Barack Obama is not the only person to blame for this.  Every single member of Congress, governors, state legislators, etc are all to blame.  This nation has now come to a point where scoring political points and being politically correct and not making any drastic moves has put us in a position where everyone is afraid to do something because the public may think it is a bad move and he or she will be removed from office.  The fear of impeachment and removal has paralyzed our leaders.  No one speaks to the other party anymore and because of this nothing gets done, the public becomes frustrated and ends up voting people out who are actually trying to do something good.

Today, the Dow Jones dropped over 600 points because the S&P downgraded America’s credit rating.  Now, instead of AAA we are AA+.  However, instead of coming out with bold ideas on how to fix this and demanding Congress take action, the President was mellow and non-confrontational.  With all due respect to our President, who I do support, no is the time to be confrontational with your political adversaries.  Now is the time to present the grand plan and sweeping changes.  Now is the time to come to the American people, tell us you know that we are scared but you are going to do something about it; but it is going to take every American.  And there will have to be sacrifices made.  Now is the time to demand that companies, instead of laying off workers to save money, stop paying your CEO’s 30 million dollar bonuses.  No is the time to levy a tax on every job that is shipped overseas which takes away from jobs here at home, especially manufacturing jobs.  How many plants sit empty and ready to be used again?

Mr. President, now is the time to go to Congress and the American people and present us with a plan to put this nation back on its feet again.  Wages for the working class are stagnant.  People can barely pay their bills, yet there will be close to $2 billion spent on next years election. That money could be used to build new schools and sports fields and ensure that students have books and teachers have smaller classrooms. Lobbyists will spend hundreds of millions of dollars on next years elections as well.  That money could best be used to invest in the infrastructure of our nation so that roads and bridges are not falling apart. This was a land of opportunity, where immigrants came to start a new life with a hope for a better future for their children and their grandchildren.  What have we left them?

Today, our leaders cannot make a decision unless they have a poll or a focus group to tell them what to do.  Our leaders do not stand by anything, unless of course they are radical and extreme.  Sorry to disappoint, but raising taxes and creating jobs and keeping our nation financially viable is not an extreme position.  Taking away the rights of people and preventing a segment of the population basic rights is extreme.  Telling a religious group that has been around longer than our country, they are not wanted is extreme.  Enslaving a race because it is different looking is extreme.  Jobs and taxes and health insurance is not extreme.  Yet, there are those in our leadership that would do their best to ensure anyone who dare mentions taxes or universal healthcare or job creation and equal pay for equal work are the bad people and they are forced to bow down and cow-tow to their every whim.

This is a great nation. It was founded on principles which are basic to every human being; which other nations have tried to replicate.  This nation has survived a Civil War and two world wars. There has been political unrest and many arguments along the way.  But, this nation works best when the citizens and the leaders, who are elected by the citizens work together for a common good.  This nation works best when our leaders tell us the truth and present a plan on how to fix it.  We are better than what our leaders are presenting to the world.  We are better than what we see on the television.  We are and will continue to be the greatest nation on the planet.  But, will our leaders be?


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