Lawmakers Seek to Lift Propaganda Ban

Lawmakers Seek to Lift Propaganda Ban.

When the government votes to allow itself to blatantly lie to the citizens of its country, we start down a dark and dangerous path.  Lifting the ban on propaganda will ensure that our government breaks and the Constitution is run over by a steam train.  This must not be allowed to happen.  Imagine if Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum were to be elected President and this was lifted, what kind damage they could do to the citizens of our land.  If a right-wing Christian is elected President, who is to say that propaganda about the evils of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Pagan beliefs would not start appearing out of thin air?  Who is to say that gays and lesbians would not start to become scapegoats for the problems of this nation?  Before we move forward on this bill, we must remember what happened in our recent history when the government is allowed to lie.  We will no longer be a government for the people, by the people.  As it is, that great notion we had over 200 years ago is already starting to crack at the seams.  The rich and powerful now think they can buy an election, and they very well may.


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