To Lie Or Not To Lie

Oh Mitt.  I admired you.  You took the failing Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee and turned it around to produce one of the most spectacular Winter Olympics in history.  You were a Republican with liberal to moderate views on a woman’s right to choose and equal rights for gays and lesbians.  Ah, but now you have fallen.  I do not pretend to know what will happen in November.  No one knows.  Hell, most people do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone three and a half months from now.  So, here we sit, the dog days of summer, before a Presidential election.  As happens with every election cycle, there is  story that will no go away. Some people are comparing it to the swiftboating John Kerry underwent back in 2004.  But it is not.  Those Swiftboat ads and campaign were false and lies.  There was not one shred of truth in them.  The problem you are having right now is a truth problem. You just cannot seem to find what the truth is about your past business dealings.  To say this is a political nightmare would be putting it mildly.  You have gotten yourself into quite a bit of trouble.

Growing up, I learned something which I have kept with me for years.  I was not the best student in math.  That’s actually an understatement.  I was horrible.  Wouldn’t my luck be that my mother was a math teacher?  How embarrassing is it to come home from school with a failing grade in math when your own mother is a math teacher?  I was petrified of what she would do to me.  So, I did something that most thirteen year old’s would do:  I hid my five week report and when my teacher sent home a hand written message, I hid that as well.  When report cards came out and I had an “F” in math.  I tried to hid that as well.  It did not work.  Actually, it was the worst thing I could have ever done.  Not only was I punished for failing math, I was punished for lying.

After my mother had calmed down a bit she sat me down to talk.  Yes, talk.  Not yell or scream or holler, but to talk.  She said she was very disappointed in me and she had expected better.  She thought she could trust me.  She thought she had raised a child who knew better.  What hurt me the most was that I had broken the trust my mother had placed in me.  It took a long time, but she did begin to trust me again.  However, that moment lives forever in my mind.  It was then that I realized lying, no matter how small is never the answer.  The best thing a person can do is to tell truth when asked.  A person looks better when he or she tells the truth.  A person can gain trust that way.  Lying, not only destroys the trust a person has in you, but it makes the liar look small.

My point here, Mitt, is this:  Come out and tell the truth about Bain Capitol and all of your business dealings.  The less you share with the American people, the more doubt will grow in their minds.  Release twelve years of  your tax returns.  The more you cling to only releasing two, the more people are going to think you are hiding something. Are you afraid that releasing this information will sink your Presidential aspirations?  If releasing your tax returns and admitting to all of the stuff which Bain did while you were Chair destroys your presidential aspirations, then you were not right for the job.

To hide this information from the American people is not necessarily a lie, but it is a half truth.  How can the people make an informed decision about who to vote for in November if one of the candidates is hiding a skeleton in his closet?  If you lie to get elected into office and are found out, the ramifications are much worse than if you do it prior to being elected.

There is a lot riding in the election in November.  There is always a lot riding on elections.  Yes, it is true I have no intent on voting for you, nor have I ever.  Our beliefs are not the same.  Yet, I try to think that our nominees for President should have some basic commonalities, among them; integrity and a strong ethical compass.  Regardless of one’s political party and beliefs, knowing that our President is at least an honest man working for the good of the people makes it easier to sleep at night.  I do not get that you are an honest man.  In fact, judging from your interviews and your speeches, anyone can tell you would say anything to win the White House. That is becoming more and more apparent.  When you gave your interviews yesterday to the national media (minus MSNBC), you gave the standard stock answers.  There was no news and nothing interesting.  You called on President Obama to apologize to you.  For what?  Hurting your feelings?  Telling the truth to the American people?  Do you want him to apologize for giving you a taste of your own medicine?  After all, is this not what you did during the primary campaign?  Didn’t you paint the airwaves with so much negativity and dirt on your rivals it made catching you almost impossible?

Asking for retractions and apologies is not the way to win.  Prove to the people you want to lead by leading.  Show them you have nothing to hide.  If you cannot even admit to these mistakes or show your tax returns, what kind of President are you going to be?  How would the people even trust you?  Finally, what would happen to our great nation under your leadership?


2 thoughts on “To Lie Or Not To Lie

  1. The American people, the real Americans, don’t care about Romney’s past with Bain. They care about the future, something we won’t have with Obama and cabal of subhuman filth.

    • I chose to post your reply because I do not believe in censorship. Romney’s business dealings with Bain would not matter so much if he hadn’t made them the hallmark of his campaign. Therefore we deserve to know the truth about what he did there and what is in his tax returns. That being said, I think your racist undertones are disgusting and just goes to show that racism is alive and well.

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