The “Mittens” Come Off!

Oh Mittens, how we love thee!  Um, no:  Like thee? Nope, that doesn’t work either.  Hmm, tolerate thee?!  Yeah, that does not fit the bill.  Here it is:  Oh Mittens, how I LOATHE thee.  And here’s why:  Mitt Romney is the worst kind of person in the world.  He is a man of privilege who does not use his privilege for good.  He uses his upbringing and his vast wealth and fortune to buy things he wants.  Not just material things either.  He wants to buy power and he will do anything he can to obtain that power, no matter who it hurts and what the consequences are.  First, full disclosure:  I am an unabashed Democrat and a Liberal.  However, I have many friends who are Republican and I respect them and their opinions.  This does not have anything to do with which party you belong to, this has to do with a persons moral fiber.

I grew-up in a relatively middle-class family in Upstate New York.  I was taught from an early age to be kind to people.  Always say “please” and “thank you.”  Give to charity when you can and make a difference in people’s lives.  I think that is the upbringing of most middle-class families.  However, when it comes to the rich, it varies.  When a person is rich, he or she can choose one of two routes:  They can use their money for good; charity work, etc.  Or one can use their status for less than honorable means.  I believe Governor Romney does that later.  He reminds of the spoiled school bully that everyone had to deal with at some point in his or her life.  He got everything handed to him on a silver platter and when it wasn’t, he cried until he got it.  Now, when I was growing-up, I tried that.  It usually didn’t work and I ended up punished and didn’t get what I wanted either.

To see Mr. Romney speak these days you would think he is in the playground throwing a tantrum because no one will get off the swings for him.  The fact is, people have given-up the swing-set for him, but he continued to bully, so this time they have learned a lesson.  President Obama is not going to give up the swings easily.  Even when Romney starts to throw mud and make personal attacks at the President; he won’t budge.  This in-turn makes Mitt madder and madder.  Everyone has always done as he has said. Or for that matter, if they haven’t than money has taken care of the issue.  But, it is not working this time.

What I witnessed on TV, radio and news websites yesterday is a spoiled brat who does not like to be tested.  Calling the President of the United States hateful and desperate is unimaginable.  Especially, since this President has shown nothing but amiability towards others.  Mitt called the President “power-hungry” and inferred he would do anything within his power to retain power.  Romney has also called the President “foreign” and “un-American” and that he “doesn’t get” America.  Since we all know what he is talking about, I will come right out and say it:  Mitt does not like the fact that our President is black and is appealing to elements in his party who still support the KKK.  He does not believe this President is legitimate or worth the office he was elected to.

The problem for Mitt:  He’s whining about it.  When he goes off on a tangent about President Obama, he does it in a way that sounds as if he is a whining, entitled, rich kid. I am not sure what the President is to do as far as answering the former Governor, but he has to be careful.  My mother always told me, “kill them with kindness.”  Maybe the more nice the President gets, the more Romney will rile against him.  However, I do that if Romney continues down this path he is on, it will have disastrous consequences on our Republic.


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