A Defense of Our President

The Republican Party wrapped up their quadrennial gathering of the most conservative  members of their party last night.  It was an ending so anti-climatic, the commentators on television had not much to say at all.  One can tell how well a political convention goes by how long the news people stay on the air talking about the events of the week.  It appeared, by midnight all of the talking was just starting to repeat itself, so the television was shut off.  A few quick take-a-ways:  Representative Ryan needs to learn how to lie more convincingly.  Or, better yet; tell the truth.  Romney should not try to engage an audience when he had no hope of being an engaging man.  Walking down the “rope line” seemed awkward and unnecessary.  This convention was probably the most bland and boring Republican Convention I can remember.  Most of the speakers fell flat or only talked about themselves.  The big named speakers never lived up to the hype and when the news teams caught up to them after their speeches, there was always an awkward  moment when they could not defend what they had just spewed on stage.  Here’s a hint:  If you are giving a speech and going to distort and malign the truth, one had better be prepared to defend it with more than just a talking point repeated over and over.

I am a staunch Obama supporter.  I think he is doing a relatively good job, given the circumstances in which he was elected.  However, much of the country is not happy with him, so this year would be a great year to send an incumbent packing.  The problem is, the challenger is a weak man.  He cannot come up with an argument sound enough to use on the President.  He whines when he does not like a television ad.  He cries foul when his opponents call him out.  Governor Romney will not take a stand and stand by it for more than 30 minutes.  The problem is, one cannot attack the President without attacking the previous occupant of the White House. It is because of the previous occupant this nation is facing the problems today.

When President Obama took the oath of office on January 20, 2009 he faced the worst economic disaster since The Great Depression.  There were two wars being fought.  Unemployment was rising faster than water on the Titanic and America needed, wanted someone to believe in again.  The nation needed a Superman and thought Barack Obama was that superman.  Once he got into office, the nation realized that their Superman was just a man.  He could not move mountains or bend people to his will.  When hopes are so high it is only natural that disappointment hurts even more.  However, if he was elected under normal circumstances, his fall would not have been so great, but then those who hoped so much would not have so much to despair.

There has been a lot of talk lately of all the promises President Obama has broken.  Unemployment is still above 8%, the nation still has troops in Afghanistan, corporations are still sending jobs overseas, there is still no cure for cancer.  Those are to name just a few.  Yet, for those who feel betrayed by Obama, why not look at what he has done:  He passed comprehensive healthcare reform.  He passed and signed into law equal pay for equal work regulations.  He made Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell a thing of the past, bringing this country closer to equality.  He passed a stimulus bill which saved and helped to create millions of jobs and kept this nation from going deeper into a financial meltdown.  President Obama saved the American car industry; saving hundreds of thousands of jobs.  The President found and killed Osama Bin Laden.  No, he did not end global warming or make us energy independent.  Yet, domestic oil production is at a 14 year high and imports are at a 20 year low.  This is just a partial list of all he has accomplished in the past three and a half years.  There is a lot more.

The point here is, if you are one of the millions who feels disaffected and disenchanted with our current President, you have every right to feel that way.  The economy is still struggling, jobs are still hard to find, gas is still expensive.  However, electing Governor Romney is not going to help.  Romney is going to give tax breaks to those who do  no need them at the expense of the middle and lower class.  He is going to cut food stamps and medicare and Medicaid.  He is going to do the same things as former President Bush.  If Bush’s policies moved the nation to brink of financial collapse; electing someone who is going to duplicate those policies will only result in the same outcome, or worse. It is said that the act of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  Well electing Romney and Ryan would be doing just that.  If we, as a nation, keep going to an empty well expecting to get water and surprised every time we don’t get water, it is just going to make us more and more upset.  Going back to the failed policies of the Bush years is not going to give us more water.  It is only going to leave the nation more thirsty.


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