What Moderate Republicans?

I am not always a fan of Andrew Sullivan’s, I do agree with what he is writing here. The Tea Party Republican’s have done irreparable harm to this nation and threaten to do more harm. As a nation we stand on the edge of a cliff which certain members of the political system are intent on throwing us off of.

The Dish

A Surabaya Zoo health worker checks the

Barro believes they’re all talk:

If you look at members’ actions and votes instead of their statements, the number of Republicans in the House who favor a clean CR and oppose the Cruz-driven strategy of shutdown and hostage-taking is not 21. It’s 0. The entire House Republican caucus is responsible for its shutdown-based legislative strategy. The only difference among the members is that Tea Party conservatives have the decency to admit what they’re up to.

Elias Isquith piles on:

If [Peter] King were half the maverick the media’s made him out to be, he’d have more to show for himself than a handful of headlines from liberal outlets cheering at the sight of internal GOP dysfunction. He’d have some votes to back it up. But as Brian Beutler has demonstrated, tangible evidence of real opposition to the Tea Party order is exactly what Peter King lacks. At nearly every…

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