The Pitch


I have been writing this blog for a little over three years.  I started it back in January 2011 at the advice of my PR professor.  I thoroughly enjoy writing, producing and developing content.  It keeps my mind active and allows me to have a finger on the pulse of the PR/Social Media world.  However, I wish this to only be a companion to my Public Relations career. Unfortunately, I have faced a seemingly insurmountable hill trying to attain the one thing that is still missing:  A job!

Today, I write you an appeal.  I am searching for an entry-level public relations position with an agency in the Boston/Providence area.  However, I would relocate for the right position.  Here are some facts about me:

  • I earned both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.  My Bachelor’s Degree is in English Secondary Education and I have a Master’s in Communication.  I graduated in May  2013 with a GPA of 3.64.
  • I spent many years working in the hospitality, technology, healthcare, and education fields until I heard the call of PR.
  • My previous experiences, while not in public relations, have prepared me for this career.  Hospitality is a twenty-four hour a day, seven-day a week public relations job.
  • I am passionate about a great many things and consider myself knowledgeable on topics ranging from politics to sports and entertainment to business.  I understand what the consumer wants to a hear from an organization.  I also understand how an organization has to walk a fine line when addressing its public.
  • In graduate school I completed a one semester research internship for Carlton PR & Marketing/Mass Innovation Nights.  This internship taught me how to gather, organize and prepare data for someone else to review.  I learned how to work on a large-scale, multi-tiered project and how all parties have to communicate effectively in order to achieve the desired result.  I was also introduced to several new software platforms; Constant Contact, Survey Monkey, and Crunch Base.
  • Since graduating, I have spent a great deal of time working on this blog and have undertaken a couple of freelance projects.  I wrote reports for two organizations; Maxon Motors USA and Educate the Children International.  The Maxon Motors USA report was an analysis of their social media presence.  The report for Educate the Children was an analysis of their website and ways in which they can improve their public relations campaigns.
  • My short-term career goal is to find an entry-level account coordinator position at an agency, learn and absorb as much as I possibly can to grow my career with that agency.  Longer-term goals include being a Vice President or Partner at an agency and the possibility of working on a Boston 2024 Olympic Organizing Committee, should it win the rights to host the 2024 Olympic Games.
  • I have great public speaking skills and I am comfortable speaking to a  variety of groups.
  • The one thing I lack on my resume is actual “hands-on” agency experience.  While pursuing my graduate degree I worked full-time and attended classes part-time.  Unfortunately, I could not leave my job to perform an agency internship.
  • Finally, I am excited about a career in the public relations field.  I am passionate about this career and all that it has to offer.  I see a career in public relations as an extension of all that I have learned over the years.  I am eager to learn new things and expand upon my experiences and skills.

That is me in a nutshell.  Over the past eleven months, since I left my position at Pitney Bowes Software, I have sent out over 500 resumes and applications.  From those I have had twelve interviews.  The feedback I received from those interviews was all positive.  The interviewers were impressed with my writing, my knowledge of public relations and social media, my skills and experience, and my eagerness to learn and try new things.  However, the job has always gone to someone who had just a little more experience.

I realize I have to start at an entry-level position. I am okay with that. I am ready to work hard and show what I can do for your agency.  Hiring me is not a risk, it is an investment in your organization, one which will pay dividends for years to come.


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