Ronan Farrow Needs Help

Cable news seems to be going from bad to worse lately.  With CNN having round-the-clock coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines plane and speculating about whether UFO’s or a black hole is responsible for the plane’s disappearance, this would be a great time for MSNBC move to the front of the line with serious news.  But alas, that is not to be.

Ronan Farrow, son of actress Mia Farrow, who now host’s his own show on MSNBC is having a very difficult time.  Aside from the fact that the show received very poor reviews when it launched in February, in the past week it has been beleaguered with errors in judgement on graphics decisions.  Well, today it has happened again:  In announcing the death of former Senator Kay Bailey-Hutchison’s husband, Farrow’s team showed a picture of Secretary of Transportation Ray LeHood.  Then, when talking about Paris’ new mayor, the graphic on the screen announced, “It’s a Girl!”  Very bad.  Very, very bad!

The show, only in its second month, is in serious need of a re-boot if the network intends to keep it on the air.  But still, it is better than discussing black holes swallowing airplanes in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


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