Dating and Social Media


Remember back in the 80’s when people took out personal ads in their local weekly newspaper? Ads would read “SWM searching for SWF for serious relationship.  Must love dogs.”  Or, “SWF searching for a Mister Right who likes wine and dancing.”  Usually, responses were sent to a P.O. box or forwarded to the person once a week.  In the 90’s if someone wanted to respond to an ad, there was the invention of the 1-900 line and Mr. or Ms. Right could leave a voice mail.  The really fancy weeklies had a “direct-connect” feature which would ring right to someone’s home phone.  But, that all changed in the late 90’s.  Not only did the internet help make getting news and doing research faster, it also made dating or hooking-up easier.

AOL was probably the first “social media” dating site.  There were chat rooms for everyone and every flavor. It didn’t matter if someone was a SWM or SWF or a GWM or GWF, whether someone was looking for a serious relationship or a serious one-night stand; all that had to be done was to log onto AOL and a love match could be made.  Today, the simple AOL chat room has evolved and there are hundreds, if not thousands of dating sites and dating apps.  Consider this:  Christian Mingle, Black People Meet,, Ok Cupid, eHarmony,, J-Date, and Zoosk are just a few of the more popular dating sites.  Plus, there is still Facebook (that’s where I met my husband).

With all of these dating sites and apps, what has it done to dating?  Has it made it easier or harder?  Has Social Media helped or hurt dating in the 21st century?  What are your thoughts?  Comments are more than welcome.


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